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Turtlemint in partnership with AntWalk
Turtlemint Builds Capabilities For Superior Product Sense, Strategy, And Vision

Turtlemint Builds Capabilities For Superior Product Sense, Strategy, And Vision

How Turtlemint adapted a cutting-edge talent strategy for its new product hires with AntWalk ACTIVATE 9-Week long Product Management Program

Turtlemint Builds Capabilities For Superior Product Sense, Strategy, And Vision
The Business Objective

Turtlemint, a rapidly growing company, aimed to empower its new product hires to take complete ownership of the product life cycle, launch strategy, and align with the company’s business objectives. To achieve exponential growth and develop innovative go-to-market strategies, Turtlemint partnered with AntWalk, a leading end-to-end Learning Partner, to seek experiential insights from industry experts. With a focus on fostering a culture of ownership and collaboration, Turtlemint’s team aimed to drive the company’s product development initiatives and propel its growth to new heights.

How AntWalk Helped

AntWalk designed a tailored “Activate” solution for Turtlemint’s team to strengthen their product sense, strategy and vision. The program covered real-world case studies on brands like Colgate Palmolive and Paper Boat to illustrate product development. It also emphasized problem-solving skills and critical thinking, and implemented product design principles like UX and IA. Additionally, the handpicked experts guided the learners in defining a GTM strategy using research-led custom modules, shared knowledge on A/B testing and effective product narrative control.


The program’s evidence-based learning interventions produced immediate results as learners incorporated use cases, strengthened problem-solving skills, and executed various strategy frameworks to create customer-ready products. The program focused on innovating with MVP, user-friendly app design, and defining a GTM strategy, helping learners develop a product sense, overcome challenges, excel in product development, and competently manage stakeholder relations.

Our Product Management Program covered 4 core competencies for the new hires
Build a problem-solving mindset and critical thinking muscle
Implement product design principles
Product Development
Define GTM product strategy & roadmap
Stakeholder Management
I’m new in PM and learning so much here. Awesome sessions! The experts are very interactive! The best part is explaining using personal experiences
– Hardik Jhawar, AntWalk Cohort Learner, Product Management Program
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

12+ Live cohort classes, 3 in-person workshops


Hands-on projects, real-life case studies, quizzes


7+ Industry Experts from Google, Amazon, RazorPay, Paypal, Myntra, N26, Typeform & IBM


Personality assessments, 1-1 mentoring,  AskMeAnything MasterClass

As a BFSI company, Turtlemint chose AntWalk for its speciality to design a customized learning program, deliver it by leading industry experts, and provide personalized attention to the learners. The live virtual sessions were designed to empower the new product hires to:

  • Develop a powerful product sense, strategy, and vision to stand out from the competition
  • Apply design thinking and the MECE Framework to solve complex problems and think critically
  • Build a strong foundation in UX design to create products that are visually appealing, user-friendly, and efficient
  • Master growth loops, usability testing, and user psychology to gain a competitive edge in the market
  • Learn how to effectively manage stakeholders, influence without authority, and foster trust among your team and beyond
  • Engage in a dynamic and interactive learning experience with experienced product experts
  • Get ready to level up your leadership skills and unlock your full potential
  • Take your learning to the next level with our master classes
  • Gain insights and strategies to launch, measure, and iterate your products for success

To boost engagement, Turtlemint used a range of activities, including hands-on activities, gamified simulations, case studies, assessments, quizzes, real-world projects, and presentations, as well as town hall ceremonies. The pre-and post-class performance of each learner was measured and analyzed for continuous improvement and business impact.

Smiling brunette woman with long hair in white cardigan working
  • Innovated with MVP and rapid customer feedback, including testing market fit, building user personas, validating, and implementing UX design elements
  • Improved critical thinking and problem-solving mindset using research-led frameworks like McKinsey 7, MECE, and Expectancy Theory
  • Built user-friendly apps through expert-led sessions on UX Psychology and Mental Models, emphasizing responsibility for the bigger picture and collaboration with other teams
  • Successfully defined GTM strategy and implemented Growth Loops, with experts rated at 84% for knowledge in simplifying complexities, performing A/B testing, and overcoming product cycle limitations
  • Achieved 81% overall learner engagement through engaging live sessions, contextualized curriculum, real-life use cases, and progress metrics for developing product sense and overcoming bottlenecks
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Key leaders that are the driving force behind the execution, inception and delivery of the Product Management Program across the organization
Keyur Kashikar
Keyur Kashikar

Senior Director, Product, Turtlemint

Sameer Naringrekar
Sameer Naringrekar

Senior Director Product Strategy & Analytics, Turtlemint