Top 5 KPIs To Measure the Success of Your Customer Success Training Program 

By Sharbani Garg

May 2, 2023

We know effective customer success training programs are a must for businesses that want to deliver outstanding customer experiences. But how do you know if the program is working? Well, it’s no longer a secret- you need those KPIs tracking and running for you! We know how serious you are about treating your customers like royalty. We’ve got you covered.  

A pinch of magic help dust and 50 ml of the elixir of KPIs stone will give you the perfect potion for evaluating your business success. In this blog post, we’ve got the 5 KPIs you need to keep an eye on to measure the success of your customer training program. So let’s get that magic of success cooking already.  

The Fab Five KPIs to Gauge The Groovy Triumph Of Your CS Training Program 

  1. Take those CSATs!
    Your first KPI needs to be CSAT. In other words, Customer Satisfaction Score. As the name suggests, it measures your customers’ satisfaction levels with your products or services. Get the scoop on your customers’ satisfaction levels before and after training to see whether the program did its job. Measure the CSAT through feedback forms, surveys, or by stalking online reviews. No judgments here!  
  1. Customer Loyalty? NPS! 
    Turn your program success evaluation into a popularity contest with the Net Promoter Score. NPS helps find out whether your customers are going gaga on your product and service and if they’ll bring them up in their conversations with their friends. You now know how your training program turned your customers into your brand’s hype squad! Take the easy way and send those surveys quick to get that NPS going.  
  1. Race Against Time With TTR!
    What does Time-To-Resolution do? It measures how quickly your customer service team resolves your customers’ issues. It’s like your need for a speed meter, except you don’t have to race but keep ahead at all costs! Tracking your TTR before and after the training program tells how the training has boosted the efficiency of issue resolution. You can use your customer support system or help desk software to measure TTR.  
  1. No More Ciao Customer, Only Ciao Churn Rate!
    Imagine if your customers did this to you- Boo! What we mean is they ghosted you. Relax! We only said, “Imagine.” Nobody likes getting ghosted, not even businesses. Churn Rate measures the percentage of customers who have ghosted your product stalls after some time. Therefore, Measuring the churn rate to see how much it went down after your training is an effective KPI to know and appreciate your loyal fanbase! You can use your CRM system or Customer Database to measure it.  
  1. Miss Me? Employee Satisfaction!
    You definitely can’t risk missing out on this KPI. If you do, your employees’ souls might make the sequel to Conjuring before you know it! Track your employees’ satisfaction with the training program so you know whether it has given them the tools they need to provide top-notch customer service. Keeping the employees happy is just as important as the customers, be it through surveys or feedback forms!
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In Conclusion, as the moon rises and the wind whispers through the trees, it’s crucial to measure the success of your customer training program. If your customers are happier than kids in candy stores, your NPS is sky-high, and your employees feel on top of the world, you know your training program is a huge hit! And if not, there’s something sinister lurking in the shadows. Beware the customer churn rate, or else the ghosts of the eclipse will knock on your doors! 

AntWalk can help you ward off these ghosts through their Customer Success training programs and their team of experts who’ll help you fight the dark forces. Check out AntWalk’s Customer Success Academy for more information.

Sharbani Garg
Sharbani Garg

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