The Secret to Turning Employees into Team Leaders that Ignite Business

By Rezina Denis

June 24, 2022


Leadership development is the bedrock of a successful organization. You need a clear path forward set by leaders in your organization. And external hiring isn’t always the right approach. Research has shown that companies that hire externally face double the employee turnover compared to organizations that rely on internal promotion.

Large businesses like IBM are known to empower their employees through L&D programs focused on leadership training. The best leadership L&D programs are designed to support employees when they aspire to climb up the corporate ladder and fulfill the unique goals of your organization.

Need For a Leadership-Focused L&D Program

Leadership development through L&D programs nurtures employees to achieve outstanding business results. Inspiring leaders engage employees, create efficiencies, encourage value creation, and promote innovative management methods.

Listed below are the other reasons why you must prioritize the leadership focused L&D program:

  • Retaining talent: Nearly 57% of employees switch companies for better career opportunities. A leadership-focused L&D program will help you retain your top-performing employees who aspire to become effective leaders.
  • Maintaining continuity: Through L&D, you can create the next generation of leaders who already have your organization’s values instilled in them. Thus, when your current leaders exit the company, these employees can ensure continuity by taking their place.
  • Improving engagement: Globally, only 20% of employees reported feeling engaged at work in a Gallup study. Developing future leaders is a sure-fire way of enhancing employee engagement.
  • Reducing attrition: A worrying 82% of employees in the U.S. alone leave their jobs because of friction between them and their direct managers. By training your managers to become better leaders through an L&D program, you can reduce attrition in your own organization.

Leadership training allows employees to connect better with people, become more confident, improve their communication skills, and develop their leadership capabilities.

Essential Attributes of a Leadership Focused L&D Program

The secret to transforming aspirational employees into team leaders is choosing the right L&D program. Listed below are the key attributes of such a program:

1. Alignment With Business Goals

An effective leadership-focused L&D program should be aligned with your organization’s unique talent and business strategies. Say one of your key business strategies is facilitating digital transformation. The leadership training will focus on inculcating the necessary competencies to help you achieve it. 

There should be no misalignment between your company’s priorities and the L&D program. Yet, 60% of organizations report that their strategic objectives and L&D strategy have no clearly stated connection.

2. Application-Oriented Approach

There’s theory, and then there’s practice. One of the key attributes of a successful leadership development program is that it focuses on workplace realities. It addresses the on-the-job challenges employees could face and ways to tackle them.

It’s also important to consider the real struggles employees go through while implementing an L&D program. For instance, burned-out employees don’t have the energy to undertake leadership training because ‘survival’ becomes their priority.

Organizations must, therefore, train employees on how to better manage their work-life conflicts. It’s crucial now more than ever as many companies are choosing to go remote or take the hybrid route. The program should prioritize hands-on experience through an expert-led blended learning methodology.

3. Instructors With Experience in Leading

The best leadership-focused L&D programs are delivered by strong and experienced industry leaders. Moreover, they have extensive experience training employees with leadership skills. Take AntWalk, for example. Over +4000 global experts help AntWalk’s partners transform their employees into future leaders here.

4. Inclusive of Employees’ Individual Needs

Not many leadership training programs out there take individual employee needs into account. Each employee has unique skill sets and areas for improvement. The best L&D programs identify those areas, offer opportunities to upskill, and maximize their performance. Hence, you should select an L&D program that is inclusive of those individual needs and also aligns them with your business objectives.

Such a level of customization is provided by AntWalk’s People Growth Platform. The research-led custom leadership development modules offered by AntWalk are based on the employee’s individual needs, role, function, and industry.

5. Interactive and Engaging

The days of static lectures are far behind. A key attribute you must look for while choosing a leadership development program is interactivity and engagement. Top L&D programs offer a combination of videos, Q&A live sessions with experts, quizzes, interactive games, and other methodologies to keep employees engaged and facilitate active learning.

This way, employees actually retain their learnings even after months have passed. These interactive teaching materials and methods also focus on what’s truly important and eliminate any information clutter.

Key Takeaways

A leadership-focused L&D program helps you reduce attrition, improve engagement, ensure continuity and retain top talent. It helps you create leaders who would lead teams or your entire business in the future.

Choosing the best leadership training program requires you to consider certain attributes such as alignment with business goals, an application-oriented approach, expert-led training, inclusivity of individual employee needs, and engaging teaching methods.

AntWalk’s Aspire has all of these attributes to transform your employees into team leaders. AntWalk People Growth Platform uses an expert-led blended learning methodology – a combination of 1:1 coaching, live cohort, hands-on experience, and self-paced modules to deliver leadership training face-to-face and online. This ingrains modern leadership skills in your employees that are also perfectly aligned with your business’s goals and objectives.

Rezina Denis

An Industry Leader, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, OD Coach and an Author, Rezina has 10+ books titled in her name and she is a book writing coach offering one-one mentoring program to kids and adults to assist them in their writing and publishing journey. She is also passionate towards fostering and working with women professionals, entrepreneurs, and homemakers to help them create a balanced work and life environment.