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Splunk Excellence Program Transforms Client’s Security Operations

Splunk Excellence Program Transforms Client’s Security Operations

Splunk Excellence Program Transforms Client’s Security Operations
The Business Objective
The client’s primary goal was to enhance their security operations, achieve excellence in business performance and drive business transformation by leveraging the capabilities of the Splunk Tool. Their objectives were to:
  • Enable real-time monitoring of infrastructure and end-user applications for maximum performance improvement and enhanced customer retention
  • Optimize turnaround time (TAT) and achieve an impressive first-contact resolution (FCR) rate, empowering the team to excel
  • Construct a flexible security framework to effectively counter emerging threats
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

12+ Live
cohort classes


2+ Hands-on
mini projects &
capstone project


Industry experts from IBM, ANZ, and other leading brands


Quizzes, one to one
mentoring, lab setup
for splunk

The client collaborated with AntWalk to craft tailored learning experiences, enabling employees to develop
advanced capabilities and stay relevant in the digital landscape. AntWalk’s Splunk Excellence Program ensured a transformational learning journey by:

  • Delving into the intricacies of Splunk UI to ensure a comprehensive journey
  • Upskilling employees in Splunk security to unlock new possibilities
  • Equipping learners with incident review, notables, investigations, asset and identity investigators to optimize security operations
  • Mastering wildcards, syntax for inclusion/exclusion, search modes, optimization techniques, and transforming commands
  • Offering personalized guidance from industry experts to create, schedule, and efficiently correlate events using advanced commands
Live class

Of the learners would recommend the program


Of learner’s praise content coverage


Attendance and unmatched engagement

The impact of the Splunk Excellence Program was significant, with learners achieving notable outcomes:
Impact a
Learners gained proficiency in navigating and configuring Splunk UI components, leading to streamlined operations
Impact b
The in-depth exploration of Splunk’s architecture empowered learners with comprehensive knowledge, enabling informed decision-making
Impact c
Leveraging SPL knowledge, employees optimized searches, created dynamic visualizations, and managed datasets for optimal performance
Impact d
Employees successfully tackled malware outbreaks and endpoint detection challenges, fortifying security measures
The industry experience of the experts is visible during the training like SPL topic. The experts are good. The combination of technical expertise and lively sessions really helped the team.
— AntWalk Cohort Learner, Splunk Excellence Program
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