Turtlemint Builds Capabilities For Superior Product Sense, Strategy, And Vision

Turtlemint Builds Capabilities For Superior Product Sense, Strategy, And Vision

With AntWalk ACTIVATE, Turtlemint Adapted a Stellar Talent Strategy For Its New Product Hires With a 9-Week-Long Product Management Program.

The Challenge

The client wanted its team to take complete ownership of the product life cycle, launch strategy, and align its new managers with the business objectives. To develop “out of the box” go-to-market strategies, Turtlemint needed experiential insights from leading experts to succeed in overall product development and achieve exponential growth.

The Solution

The client chose AntWalk for its specialty in curating a customized curriculum to help employees develop critical capabilities and attain role-readiness. AntWalk bought handpicked industry experts to deliver the live learning sessions that entailed real-life use cases, an application-oriented approach, research-led methodologies, and personal attention from the experts.

The Results

With evidence-based learning interventions, the program demonstrated immediate results. The learners incorporated the use cases into their work, strengthened their problem-solving mindset, integrated product design principles, and executed various strategy frameworks to deliver a customer-ready product. The program helped the learners create product roadmap prioritization and an effective GTM Strategy.

I’m new in PM and learning so much here. Awesome sessions! The experts are very interactive! The best part is explaining using personal experiences

Hardik Jhawar, AntWalk Cohort Learner, Product Management Program


Turtlemint specializes in selling insurance the smart way. They intend to “demystify” insurance by simply explaining the jargon and providing smart tools to help the user make the right choice.  From search to purchase, the entire process can be completed online in just a few clicks!  They also have a team of friendly insurance advisors available on chat, phone, and in-person to help users with the purchase and claim services.


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Mumbai, India

Desired Project Outcomes:

  • Strengthening Product Sense, Strategy, and Vision For Product Success
  • Building a Problem-Solving Mindset and Critical Thinking Muscle 
  • Implementing Product Design Principles
  • Defining GTM Product Strategy

The Challenge

  • Developing Product Sense, Strategy and Vision: As a fresher in product management, it takes time to collaborate with various verticals, champion the skill sets to consistently make changes as the product evolves, and build an impactful strategy that is also aligned to the organization’s objectives. By developing product sense, one can develop the right product that drives user value and make a business impact.
  • Building Product Roadmap and GTM Strategy: For the product to succeed, the product team must prioritize resource allocation for maximized benefit. Moreover, having the right launch strategy can create impactful business growth in a competitive landscape.
  • Managing Key Stakeholders: In businesses, it’s very common to experience disagreements with internal and external stakeholders due to internal processes.
  • Strategizing Achieving Exponential Growth: To make your product survive in a market full of competitors, managers need to focus on attracting new customers by improving products and services. It can be done by gaining insights from real-life data such as connecting with the customers, understanding user behavior, conducting cost, viability and feasibility prototyping, and tailoring your approach.

The Scope of AntWalk’s Solution

12+ Live cohort classes, 3 in-person workshops

7+ Industry Experts from Google, Amazon, RazorPay, Paypal, Myntra, N26, Typeform & IBM

Hands-on projects, real-life case studies, quizzes

Personality assessments, 1-1 mentoring, AskMeAnything MasterClass

AntWalk created a “Custom Activate” solution for Turtlemint’s team to address these challenges.

  1. Strengthening Product Sense, Strategy, and Vision For Product Success
    1. The program was customized to cover end-to-end delivery of the product life cycle. Ranging from the foundation, key components, discovery, roadmap, and understanding of customers and culture.
    2. The program entailed real-world case studies on Colgate Palmolive Cleopatra Soap, Paper Boat, BlackBerry, and Chik shampoo for strategy articulation.
  2. Building a Problem-Solving Mindset and Critical Thinking Muscle 
    1. Using Problem-Solving Fundamentals such as Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) issue tree and McKinsey 7 – Step Problem-Solving framework to define success.
  3.  Implementing Product Design Principles
    1. The experts provided extensive training on the design process – UX (User Experience) and Information Architecture (IA), and how it should focus on 4 key components: periodicity, frequency, recency, and popularity.
    2. The engaging sessions covered topics such as the Double Diamond Framework, UX Psychology, and Mental Model. Additionally, the case studies on Swiggy and Instamart were responsible for encouraging the learners to envision their products.
  4. Defining GTM Product Strategy
    1. Using Research-led Custom Modules such as  GTM STAC – Strategy, Tactics, Assessments, and Communication to gain a competitive advantage by engaging with customers.
    2. In-depth knowledge of “A/B Testing Basics” and “Controlling The Narrative Around Product” to keep the product intact in the market.

The Impact

  • Innovating with minimum viable products and rapid customer feedback: Testing market fit, building user personas and validating, performing design frameworks, and implementing elements of UX design.
  • Improving Critical Thinking and building a Problem-Solving mindset: With the help of “research-led frameworks” such as McKinsey 7 – Step Problem-Solving Framework, MECE Issue Tree Framework, and Expectancy Theory.
  • Building user-friendly apps: The expert-led sessions on UX Psychology and Mental Models enabled the learners to understand that they are responsible for the bigger picture and collaborate with other teams for a strong product vision.
  • Successfully defining GTM Strategy and implementing Growth Loops: The experts received a rating of 84% for their knowledge and for helping learners simplify complexities for customers, perform A/B Testing, and overcome limitations in the product cycle.
  • Learners demonstrated 81% Overall Engagement: The engaging live learning sessions, contextualized curriculum, real-life use cases, and metrics to measure progress helped the learners to develop a product sense and overcome bottlenecks.

Why AntWalk ACTIVATE For New Hires

AntWalk provides continuous end-to-end support, and thus emerging companies partner with AntWalk to drive a lasting change in mindsets, behaviors, and skills required for innovative business growth. Our experts use research-led methodologies and assessments that identify specific strengths and development areas for each individual.

Our Program Owners conduct Pre Boarding Competency Gap Assessments i.e. diagnostic with the help of a competency heat map and designed with the help of our 4000+ strong expert community. After the completion of the program, we conduct Post Delivery Gap Improvement Assessments to track your employees’ progress in real-time for continuous improvement.

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