Leading Multi-National Corporation Builds Its Engineering Team’s Data Capabilities For Future Preparedness

Leading Multi-National Corporation Builds Its Engineering Team’s Data Capabilities For Future Preparedness

With AntWalk’s Azure Data Engineering and Machine Learning AMPLIFY Program,
The client empowered its data engineers

The Challenge

With more technology tools to juggle, developers experience an extra burden to find the bandwidth to upskill themselves. To build a high-performance team, the client’s needed a best-in-class approach that would encourage the employees to learn in the flow of work. The customized program with 1:1 sessions with SMEs was a necessity for the client to bridge the skill gap and prioritize employees’ knowledge of data warehouse capabilities and the latest tools to build effective data solutions.

The Solution

The client understood the need to upskill its employees with industry-relevant data storage and analytics services on Azure Cloud. AntWalk was the chosen partner because we go to great lengths to understand our client’s needs and create a customized learning program. With AntWalk Amplify,  a custom program was delivered by handpicked external Azure experts who provided hands-on training on the fundamentals and applications of Azure Synapse and Azure Machine Learning & AI focusing on industry-specific use cases.

The Results

The goal of the program was to support the client’s Data Engineering team in improving proficiency in the flow of work. With Azure Data Services AntWalk rolled out an effective 4-week development program that demonstrated measurable results. The frameworks used were a success in enhancing their future preparedness. The live cohort classes and hands-on experiences were so well-received by the learners that they started showing immediate progress.

It was an interactive session and I was able to perform the tasks along with the trainer.

Learner, AntWalk Azure Data Engineering and Machine Learning Program


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Desired Project Outcomes:

  • Azure Synapse Analytics Workshop
  • Deployed Azure Analysis Cubes
  • Implementing Fundamentals of ML and AI
  • Machine Learning Using Azure ML
  • Hands-On Experience Using Azure AI

The Challenge

  • Boosting Knowledge On Data Warehouse Capabilities: Organisations with large amounts of data require the latest solutions for data storage and analysis. Every business that is not consistently upgrading to the latest solutions is witnessing adverse business repercussions. Thus, upskilling developers on the latest technology tools can significantly reduce technical debt and prevent business disasters.
  • Bridging Skill Gap And Building Supplementary Skills: Upskilling the developers and equipping them with supplementary skills boosts the overall productivity of the team and bridges the disconnect within them. Developers evolved with data-related tasks can be upskilled in adjacent technologies like Machine Learning & AI to bridge the skill gap.
  • Aligning Diverse Workforce To Build Efficient Data Solutions: While providing baseline skill sets for diverse workforces, organizations use a wide range of coding languages across developer teams along with varying competencies and skill sets of developers. Up-skilling can bring the group of developers together for knowledge sharing and promote a common understanding of the company’s approach to building software.

The Solution

42 Hours Of Live Cohort Classes

4+ Handpicked Azure Experts From Leading Brands

Curriculum With Hands-On Experience On Azure Synapse & Azure ML Studio

8 Real-Time Industry-Specific Use Cases

AntWalk created a “Custom Amplify” solution for the client to address these challenges

  1. Azure Synapse Analytics Workshop
    1. Designed and secured a modern Data Warehouse with Azure Synapse Analytics.
    2. Performed efficient data retrieval using Azure SQL, and created reports with Power BI
    3. Explored Azure Synapse serverless SQL pools capabilities and secured data within it.
    4. Understood big data engineering with Apache Spark, transformed data with DataFrames, and integrated SQL and Apache Spark pools in Azure Synapse Analytics.
  2. Deployed Azure Analysis Cubes
    1. Used multidimensional Models for Defining, Creating, and modifying data.
    2. Served and used data in cube analytics for the business use case.
  3. Implementing Fundamentals of ML and AI
    1. Understood and implemented key concepts of Unsupervised/ Supervised Machine Learning, and Reinforcement Learning.
    2. Learned to use training data sets with machine learning models and choose the best according to requirements.
    3. Implemented Custom vision and NLP Fundamentals and applied the concepts of ML to real-world scenarios in property prices, health, animal classification, and marketing activities.
  4. Machine Learning Using Azure ML
    1. Prepared data and trained ML model in Azure Machine Learning Studio and Azure Machine Learning Workbench to make predictions.
  5. Hands-On Experience Using Azure AI
    1. Successfully implemented Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure.
    2. Understood conversational AI workloads on Azure.

We understood Azure synapse and how to use the dedicated pool and use dimension tables for creating the model. And how to connect Visual Studio and Power BI.

Learner, AntWalk Azure Data Engineering and Machine Learning Program

The Impact

  • Our handpicked industry experts received a rating of 94% for their in-depth knowledge of Azure Synapse Analytics which helped the data engineers design a modern data warehouse. 
  • With overall learners’ engagement and feedback on the content coverage at 91%, the employees demonstrated strong dedication towards the learnings and their practical applications for multiple scenarios. 
  • The interactive sessions and use of tools under the guidance of the experts enabled the learners to be proficient with all the machine learning models, apply the concepts to real-world scenarios, and make predictions. 
  • By the program’s end, the learners could choose the best machine learning models as per their requirements.

Why AntWalk AMPLIFY For Future Preparedness

Through the partnership with AntWalk, the client was able to identify capability gaps, prioritize focus areas, and see meaningful growth across its data engineering team. The validated assessments helped the client measure progress and consequently personalize the experience for each employee.

By discovering specific strengths and development areas, AntWalk People Growth Platform created a program that fits into the daily flow of work and can effortlessly be integrated across the organization to witness lasting change.

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