How Breathe Well-Being Doubled Sales Conversion Rate By Cultivating Powerful Sales Mindsets

How Breathe Well-Being Doubled Sales Conversion Rate By Cultivating Powerful Sales Mindsets

With AntWalk Sales Acceleration ACTIVATE Program, 
Breathe Well-Being boosted the sales conversion rate by 50%

The Challenge

Innovative companies disrupting the market often experience challenges while educating and onboarding customers. Specifically, in the healthcare sector, consumers often refrain from trying innovative solutions and prefer in-person meetings with their practitioners over video consultations. Breathe Well-Being’s sales team, despite having their core qualification in M.Sc. Food and Nutrition and in-depth product knowledge, needed to build effective sales skills to drive sustainable business growth.

The Solution

AntWalk understood that to thrive in a market where a conventional mindset prevails among consumers who need education on the healthcare product, a unique approach needed to be taken. With AntWalk, the Breathe Well-Being employees received unlimited 1:1 training from industry experts, plus access to learning materials required to reinforce the learnings between the sessions. The assessments and feedback offered by the experts facilitated a positive change in the learners’ behavior and helped them build an effective sales mindset.

The Results

AntWalk offered  Breathe Well-Being a 3-month-long Sales Acceleration Program, designed to boost sales performance and provide support at scale. The success of the program resulted in the sales team experiencing an increase in sales conversion rate by 50% and a small rise in the value of their opportunities. This further encouraged the employees to incorporate the concepts from the program into their everyday work, and practice the behaviors for growth.

We have tripled our relationship with AntWalk after they have enabled 2X growth within the first month across metrics – a near impossible feat given our NPS was already at 76% and DSO was 80%+. I personally view them as enabling/helping every org. to have a customer success team like Zappos, a sales team like SalesForce and product team like Google.

Rohan Verma, Founder & CEO, Breathe Well-Being


Breathe Well-being, Founded in 2020, is India’s No.1 Clinically proven Diabetes reversal company, helping people lower their HbA1c and Blood glucose levels through lifestyle modification. Their program revolves around cutting-edge solutions in physical, mental, and emotional well-being that unleashes their client’s true potential.


Wellness and Fitness Services





Desired Project Outcomes:

  • Mastering The Science Behind Sales To Fuel Success
  • Building Sales Oriented Mindsets That Exceeds Goals
  • Defining Product Value Proposition and Competitor Benchmarking
  • Building Competent Professional Skills For Effective Sales Readiness Strategy

The Challenge

  • Overcoming The Barriers To Quick Demand Generation: When it comes to innovative solutions, consumers don’t always know what they’re missing out on unless they’re educated about the problem and the benefits. Besides, consumers in the middle and older-aged segment lacked the willingness to try online video consultations and prefer in-person meetings with their specialists.
  • Upskilling Diabetes Educators Without Sales Experience: Breathe Well-Being hired employees from the food and nutrition discipline, so they could comprehend the technicalities of the product before persuading consumers of its unique benefits. Thus, the employees needed to be upskilled in the area of sales to negotiate and close deals quickly.
  • Winning over the Conventional Mindset: When it comes to the health tech industry, the consumers are not always keen to try disruptive solutions as a need for conventional treatment still prevails in the market. Thus, making it challenging for the sales team to educate the biased customers on their innovative offering.

The class was really good, in-class role play was really interesting. Learned how to build & connect with the leads, the difference between sympathy and empathy, and how to get them into play during the sessions.

Nisha Verma, Breathe Well-Being

The Solution

AntWalk created a “Custom Activate” solution for the client’s sales team to address these challenges through a 3-month-long Sales Acceleration Program.

20+ Live
Cohort Classes

7+ Handpicked HealthTech Experts With Sales Background

Curriculum With Hands-on Experience on 2 Projects

4 Mock Sessions and 2 Real Call Analysis With Clients

  1. Mastering The Science Behind Sales To Fuel Success
    1. Understanding Customer’s Psychology during Sales Process, and implementing 5 Core Elements that influence the purchasing decision.
    2. Making an effective Sales Pitch by mapping customers’ needs and personalizing each pitch.
    3. Handling Customer Objections by using BANT i.e budget, authority, need, and time.
  2. Building Sales Oriented Mindsets That Exceeds Goals
    1. Conducting meticulous Customer Segmentation and Funnel Analysis to prioritize and qualify leads for a healthy sales pipeline. 
    2. Adopting the principles of Behavioral Economics equipped the employees to get inside the buyers’ brains and leverage biases.
  3. Defining Product Value Proposition and Competitor Benchmarking
    1. Since customers trust confident salespeople with in-depth product knowledge, the team leveraged their product knowledge to differentiate the value proposition, benchmarked it against 5 competitors, and performed a Price to Value Ratio. 
    2. Developed mindsets that helped the sales team to explicitly and persuasively present the benefits to the consumers beyond the pricing.
  4. Building Competent Professional Skills For Effective Sales Readiness Strategy
    1. Building a Problem Solving Mindset to have a holistic view of the situation, breaking down the circumstances into small nodes, and working under constraints
    2. Developing time management skills for prioritization of effective project handling, facilitating growth, and embracing new opportunities for a sustainable future.

The Impact

  • AntWalk’s People Growth Platform helped the team to pivot away from seller-centric strategies to buyer-centric approaches which increased the conversion rate by 50%.
  • Successfully built Emotionally Intelligent employees, where they developed the ability to recognize and manage emotions of themselves and others at the workplace, learned to navigate high stress, built resilience and flexibility, and inculcated a healthy work-life integration.
  • Created an atmosphere of growth by building trust within teams, and positively incorporating the views of different stakeholders. 
  • Improved cognitive and learning agility, i.e. enhancing the intent to learn and develop expertise in your respective industry in a short span, solve complex business challenges, and meet targeted goals.
  • Build powerful verbal and non-verbal communication skills to build the brand and ensure visibility in the domain, explicitly articulate the delivery message, assertively handle conversations, and impactfully facilitate virtual conversations. 

Why AntWalk ACTIVATE For Enhancing Sales Effectiveness

Antwalk Activate – Sales Acceleration Program delivered a highly personalized development program with a focus on cultivating a growth mindset for success. We combined the dedicated 1:1 sales learnings from the experts, the latest science-backed strategies, and analytical measures to help the client build a phenomenal team prepared for any obstacles at hand. 

The client saw a high Return On People Investment, as AntWalk measured progress, and identified and worked on individual strengths and developments, driving performance and resulting in sustainable business growth. The successful delivery of the program also resulted in the client partnering with AntWalk for more onboarding batches.

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