How A Security-Led Digital Transformation Company Adopts Modern Upskilling Tactics To Drive Innovation For Today and Tomorrow

How A Security-Led Digital Transformation Company Adopts Modern Upskilling Tactics To Drive Innovation For Today and Tomorrow

With AntWalk AMPLIFY Splunk Excellence Program,
The client creates a culture of excellence and unleashes future business performance.

The Challenge

Splunk is a popular tool for enabling organizations to discover irregular activities in their data and deliver security at scale. To build modernized security operations and efficiently support business growth, the client partnered with AntWalk. They wanted the learning sessions to be delivered live by hand-picked experts for training on Splunk to improve TAT and achieve First Call Resolution (FCR).

The Solution

The client chose AntWalk for its speciality in curating a customized curriculum to help employees develop advanced capabilities and stay relevant in the evolving digital landscape. The Splunk Excellence program entailed an end-to-end walkthrough of Splunk from high-calibre experts, 1-1 mentoring, and lab practice sessions to drive personal transformation.

The Results

With AntWalk’s “Blended Learning Methodology”, the program witnessed immediate and measurable
progress. The Splunk experts gave individual attention and qualitative feedback across the cohort, resulting in 100% attendance and superior employee engagement. By the end of the program, the learners showed increased command over Splunk and its various functionalities.

The industry experience of the experts is visible during the training like SPL topics. The experts are good. The combination of technical expertise and lively sessions really helped the team.

AntWalk Cohort Learner, Splunk Excellence Program.


The client is a security-led digital transformation company. They have been building some of the largest and most complex systems across the globe. Be it setting up complete infrastructure for the Moon Mission or building a Tsunami warning system or one of the largest Axle Manufacturers. They have dealt with business problems at different scales. Cyber Security is one of the big problems they’re solving and hence they must have a future-ready team.


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Hyderabad, India



Desired Project Outcomes:

  • Splunk Introduction and Architecture For Peak Role Performance. 
  • Splunk Enterprise Security For Increased Optimization.
  • Search Processing Language (SPL) For Enhanced Command Over Splunk.

The Challenge

  • Remaining Relevant With Splunk To Increase Efficiency: As digital businesses are skyrocketing, consumers today need a real-time view of performances – from infrastructure to end-user applications which enables them to maximize performance by proactively identifying issues, and driving rapid resolution.
  • Limited Tech Talent Pool In Cybersecurity Domain: Businesses are demanding tech-savvy talent. However, with the tight talent pool, they have a choice – either upskill existing employees or recruit new ones at higher pay. This is resulting in the client searching for experts who nurture the skills of their current employees.
  • Improving TAT (Turnaround Time) and Achieving First Call Resolution (FCR): Optimizing TAT is often the goal for organizations as it acts as a credit to their daily revenue. Thus, the client wanted to increase its team’s command over the tool to resolve tickets and achieve FCR.

The Scope of AntWalk’s Solution

12+ Live cohort classes

Industry experts from IBM, ANZ, and other leading brands

2+ Hands-on mini projects & capstone project

Pre and post-class quiz, 1-1 mentoring, lab setup walkthrough for Splunk

AntWalk created a “Custom Amplify” solution for the client’s team to address these challenges.

  1. Splunk Introduction and Architecture For Peak Role Performance
    1. The team received a walkthrough of Splunk UI, where they learned basic navigation, and configured additional components in the software. 
    2. The employees were equipped with “Splunk Architecture with a Deployment Server.” This included various Splunk components and their functioning, and different stages in the data pipeline.
  2. Splunk Enterprise Security For Increased Optimization
    1. Upskilling employees on Splunk Enterprise Security enabled them to operate and work with Incident Review, Notables, Investigations, and Asset & Identity Investigators.
    2. Increased proficiency in Risk-Based alerting system, Notables, Correlation Searches, and ability to start an investigation in ES using the Investigation Workbench.
  3. Search Processing Language (SPL) For Enhanced Command Over Splunk
    1. In-depth understanding of SPL made employees proficient in using Wildcards, Inclusion and Exclusion syntax, Search Modes, Search Optimization Techniques, Transforming Commands, and Dataset Processing Commands.
    2. Employees received intensive training and hands-on experience in creating Visualizations, Charts, Panels, and Dashboards. 
    3. The industry experts provided personalized attention to the learners, enabling them to create and schedule alerts, create and schedule reports, and correlate events using commands.
    4. Deep dive into knowledge objects and their use cases including reports, dashboards, and events.

The sessions were informative and the experts helped with the doubts. The experts were really supportive throughout and great at explaining and keeping the session interesting.

Amit Prakash, Learner, Splunk Excellence Program.

The Impact

  • Hands-on experience in navigation with the Splunk UI: The employees learned to configure additional components within it.
  • Exposure to Splunk Architecture: The various tabs and functionalities of these tabs made the learners equipped with every aspect of Splunk.
  • Investigation Walkthrough with Splunk Enterprise Security: With 100% satisfaction on the content coverage, the contextualized curriculum and in-depth knowledge enabled the employees to successfully work on the use cases such as “DOS Attack and Buffer overflow attack”.
  • Deep-dive into Search Processing Language (SPL): Our handpicked experts received a 100% for their expertise and training methods, which helped the employees excel in Search Optimization techniques, Visualizations, Charts, Panels, Dashboards, Reports, Scheduled alerts, and manage datasets using many commands.
  • Basic malware outbreak & endpoint detection: The 1:1 learning sessions and personal attention from the experts helped the employees successfully perform all the learnings to real-life problems.

Why AntWalk AMPLIFY For Role Preparedness

Helping employees adopt new skills and achieve success takes immense time and patience. To build a high-performance organization, leaders must set goals for their teams that help them remain relevant despite the changing industry landscape.

AntWalk achieved 91% NPS for the program. With AntWalk AMPLIFY – Splunk Excellence Program, the client built a thriving team that was successfully able to “Detect and Investigate Malware” and “Detect Zero-Day Attacks”. Moreover, with 1:1 mentoring, personalized attention from the experts from the leading brands, and qualitative feedback, the learners were able to create and schedule correlations, and manage alerts proficiently.

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