How A Digital Healthcare Pioneer Builds Resilient First-Time Leaders With AntWalk

How A Digital Healthcare Pioneer Builds Resilient First-Time Leaders With AntWalk

With AntWalk ASPIRE, a leading digital healthcare company achieved high ROI 
with a 3 month Sales Team Leadership Program

The Challenge

Given the worldwide pressure of functioning in the pandemic and the desire to consistently adapt and innovate, the client wanted to provide additional support to its sales leaders. For first-time managers especially, it was a challenging time to transition into new roles and strive for excellence during uncertainty. As inexperienced managers, they needed guidance on how to best support their team professionally and personally, moreover, build next-generation sales leaders to attain business objectives and increase deal dollars.

The Solution

The client chose AntWalk to design a customized sales leadership program with the goal to empower its highly motivated leaders to have an agile approach and a growth mindset in a rapidly evolving environment amidst the covid. These team leaders were experiencing an expansion of responsibilities and changes within the organization. Thus, AntWalk evaluated the areas of development and recommended strategies that would groom each leader. Their unique needs were met with a personalized Team Leadership Program to accelerate their performance during the transition.

The Results

The successful delivery of the program resulted in significant growth in the team leader’s capabilities as first-time leaders. By implementing the customized program with unlimited 1:1 interactions with CXO-level experts, the learners’ demonstrated an increase in cognitive thinking, emotional intelligence, stress, and resilience during change. Moreover, partnering with AntWalk enabled the company to scale its leadership learning and development across the organization to drive systematic change. This will further encourage more managers to pursue leadership development and feel empowered to train their fellow peers.

Excellent session! The expert gave better insights on Stress, Anxiety & Depression & how to deal with them. This will for sure help me in my personal & professional life. Thanks, Sakshi for this wonderful session.

Learner, Team Leadership Program

The Challenge

  • Adjusting To A Leadership Mindset: Although the first-time managers at the organization had the right technical skills and capabilities, they often lacked the knack to lead teams efficiently, delegate responsibilities, mentor the members within their teams, and manage performances. First-time managers required a host of skill sets to achieve success.
  • Thriving During Uncertainty: The client chose to partner with AntWalk during the peak Covid era when leaders faced several issues from their team’s mental health and well-being to sticking with sustainable business growth. The leaders needed actionable strategies to ensure their teams were engaged, motivated, agile, and able to flourish through change.
  • Unstructured Leadership Coaching: An inexperienced team leader at the helm can create confusion over responsibilities and uncertainty over individual objectives. This can further lead to resignations, as employees feel undervalued and demoralized. Thus, only when your new managers have the right training to enhance their capabilities to inspire and transform individuals, will they be able to build resilient and competent teams as well as train next-generation leaders.
  • Leadership Skill Gap: To maximize each individual’s potential and derive extraordinary business results, the team leaders needed assessments to determine their strengths and weaknesses. To be effective leaders, skills across strategic planning and decision making, change management, knowledge sharing, mentoring, communication, and emotional intelligence need to be measured for success.

The Scope of AntWalk’s Solution

AntWalk created a “Custom Aspire” solution for the client’s First-Time Managers and Team Leaders to address these challenges.

20+ Live Cohort

Handpicked CXO Level Experts With Sales Background

Curriculum With Hands-On Experience

Pre And Post-Class Performance Metrics For Each Learner To Measure Progress

  1. Enhancing Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills 
    1. Mastering Critical Thinking by Thinking from First Principle, asking the right questions with the 5 Whys technique, focussing on crucial matters using Pareto Principle, and ABC Analysis, and implementing key frameworks such as Porter, SWOT Analysis, and 2*2 Matrix, and MECE framework to drive Problem Solving.
    2. Leveraging Data to drive insights by building hypotheses and validating/invalidating them.
    3. Being proficient with Excel Functions using the right tools and charts – Histogram, Bar chart, Pie, Quartile, Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Median, Variance, Percentage, and more.
  2. Mentoring and Fostering A Culture Of Trust Among Teams
    1. Encouraging constructive 1-on-1 Feedback regularly rather than waiting for the appraisal cycle to unlock individual team members’ potential and better align them to their roles.
    2. Building a climate of transparency in communication by admitting when you’re wrong, establishing credibility, and demonstrating vulnerability to build rapport.
  3. People and Performance Management
    1. Refusing to settle for mediocre performance and achieving excellence through shared goals, collaboration, explicit communication, set role expectations, early conflict resolution, and a strong sense of accountability among its members.
    2. Learning delegating responsibilities effectively and assertively, and implementing tracking and follow-up mechanisms for rapid progress.
  4. Identifying Leadership Skill Gap and Learning To Be A Role Model
    1. Adopting different leadership styles to Engage, Influence, Motivate, and Inspire your organization, people, and yourself effectively.
    2. Learning Advanced Communication and Articulation to achieve success. Such as the importance of WhatsApp communication and voice notes, formal emails with an informal touch, and report writing.
  5. Strengthening Professional Skills For Leaders 
    1. Building long-term customer relationships to promote your brand. 
    2. Becoming Emotionally Intelligent at work, managing workplace stress, anxiety, and burnout, and inculcating a healthy work-life integration.

The training is practical and informative. Very Intense, very useful for team building exercises.

Learner, Team Leadership Program

The Impact

  • The program created confident Team Leaders as each learner was expected to perform their assignments in front of senior leadership.
  • By building monthly Tactical Implementation Plans and Tactical Delegation Plans, the client was able to track KPIs regularly to drive performance.
  • Highly customized 1:1 coaching from CXO-level experts was tailored to each leader’s priorities, demonstrating an increase in personal and professional growth.
  • The development plan helped the team leaders address complexities in a hybrid environment and gain clarity and purpose during peak Covid, which developed a cohesive, motivated, engaged, and well-guided team.

Why AntWalk ASPIRE

AntWalk’s People Growth Platform resulted in overall leadership satisfaction, giving AntWalk an NPS of 90%. The reason is that AntWalk understood the needs of the leaders, what drives them, and what they highly value to create a customized growth path for them. With the successful delivery of the program, the client was able to create a continuous learning culture, where leaders become more effective in managing teams and encouraging excellence. By tracking growth and measuring progress, AntWalk increased the overall productivity and engagement of the teams.

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