91squarefeet Invests In Its Project Engineers To Enhance Delivery Experience For Their Customers

91squarefeet Invests In Its Project Engineers To Enhance Delivery Experience For Their Customers

With AntWalk ACTIVATE Project Management Program,
 91Squarefeet is building high calibre Project Engineers.

The Challenge

91Squarefeet has been one of the most successful companies in India, despite operating in a challenging retail environment. 
The client understood the need to transform their project managers by broadening their responsibilities. They needed an L&D program that supported and enhanced the way its project managers work – by better equipping them with project management skills, and tactics to build deeper relationships with the vendors.

The Solution

To ensure the project managers thrive during uncertainty, 91Squarefeet chose AntWalk Activate for scalability, a highly personalized curriculum, and insights from professionals who‘ve been excellent project engineers themselves. Through AntWalk, the organization integrated its business objectives with employee learning for lasting growth and employee development. AntWalk Activate program on effective communication, site planning, time management, and everyday Excel equipped the learners with superior professional skills.

The Results

91Squarefeet witnessed a positive change and meaningful growth among its employees. AntWalk identified the right Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) internally and externally, which resulted in interactive sessions and increased employee commitment toward learning. 
Moreover, the program’s delivery speed and overall learners’ engagement at 95% resulted in 91Squarefeet partnering with AntWalk for more upcoming batches.

AntWalk’s team has been very professional and driven to deliver an impact. Learning in the flow of work can be challenging as employees have a lot on their plate, regardless, we would like to capitalize on this and continue investing in our employees’ growth and development. Our employees pursued the sessions in the right spirits as the selection of industry experts was great.

Amit Bansal, CEO, 91Squarefeet


91Squarefeet is revolutionizing retail expansion & space transformation in India. They have advanced AI-Driven Technological systems to navigate the myriad of possible challenges in opening a retail store; a diverse network of reliable and cost-effective suppliers spread across the country and a proven track record of saving their clients time and money. They have a deep process and technology integration with 600+ manufacturers of furniture & signage, along with 40 local civil work contractors.






Gurugram, India

Desired Project Outcomes:

  • Building Soft Skills For Strategic Negotiations
  • Building Superior Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Moving Beyond Project Management
  • Conflict and Stakeholder Management

The Challenge

  • Building Soft Skills For Confident Communication: With the sites located in remote areas, the project engineers allotted to the construction site for planning, mapping, and delivery often faced challenges to communicate and negotiate with local vendors in their regional language. Moreover, the engineers wanted to develop presentation skills to communicate their views effectively.
  • Enhancing Service Delivery Through Better Customer Relationship Management: Improving customer relationships not only boosts organizational effectiveness but also enhances client satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, resulting in sustainable profitability from both increased revenues and reduced costs. It advances both business processes and supports infrastructure for better service delivery.
  • Moving Beyond Project Management: While the intention is always to deliver the project timely with rigid adherence to the brand guidelines, the project managers experienced additional responsibility given the industry-wide stress of operating during the pandemic. The employees needed guidance on structuring their days and prioritizing tasks for project completion.
  • Site Execution and Quality Control: Time management, despite being a crucial factor for delivery, is often not adhered to due to manual performance of tasks and inefficiency in Excel, resulting in lower productivity and lower value from the database.

The Scope of AntWalk’s Solution

39 Member Cohort with 8+ Live Classes

Handpicked Industry Experts With Internal SMEs

Curriculum with Breakout Sessions

Real-Time Industry-Specific Use Cases

AntWalk created a “Custom Activate” solution for the 91Squarefeet team to address these challenges.

  1. Increasing Persuasion Through Effective Communication 
    1. Applying the “Art of Elevator Pitch”, “PAM Framework” and “Storytelling” in building relationships.
    2. Using the best strategies for non-verbal cues such as “powerful body gestures and eye contact” for communicating with different stakeholders and negotiating prices effectively.
  1. Building Superior Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
    1. Strengthening customer service skills by proactively incorporating feedback, prioritizing customers’ needs, always being available, persistently following up, adapting clear communication, and enhancing their overall experience. 
    2. Practicing negotiation with oneself and being updated on competitor pricing, market overview, economies of scale, and compliance can help leverage information for better rates with the vendors.
  1. Overcoming The Challenges Of Site Planning And Reporting
    1. Implementing the “3 Pillars Of Construction Management and Project Management Methodologies”
    2. Executing pre and post-class assessments helped in setting employee expectations straight regarding the role, brand guidelines, working efficiently with limited resources, and identifying and mitigating risks.
  2. Improving Productivity Through The Right Tools  
    1. Enhancing Excel productivity skills such as filter and sort and Pivot table to reduce manual labor, and structure the data for deriving insights from it. 
    2. Improved efficiency in CRM for pipeline management.

I’ve experienced changes within myself with the sessions on verbal communication and negotiations. I’m able to incorporate the learnings on the field with the vendors and execute them efficiently. It has helped me reduce stress and convey my opinions.

Manish Gond, Learner, AntWalk Project Management Program

The Impact

  • With 100% feedback on the content quality, the employees executed toolkits to build long-term relationships with vendors and drive effective negotiation in the field.
  • The speed of delivery of the program and overall learners’ engagement at 95% helped employees quickly adopt business etiquette and improve body language, to enhance communication.
  • Our handpicked industry experts received a rating of 97% for their knowledge and practical tactics on time management which helped the employees structure their day and prioritize urgent tasks
  • Improved ability to resolve conflicts and manage internal and external stakeholders.
  • Fluency in Excel for data management, site planning, and deriving insights.


The engaging Activate program resulted in overall employee satisfaction, giving AntWalk an NPS of 90%. As you can see in this study, implementing AntWalk’s Activate – Project Management Program – strengthened the employees at 91Squarefeet with personalized learning & development, driving organizational performance. 

The program also demonstrated the merit of investing in employees, enabling them to become more competent and positively aligned toward organizational goals. Moreover, the positive impact of the program laid the foundation for the second cohort to upskill their abilities and drive change.

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