Mastering Power Skills For Leadership Excellence

By Sharbani Garg

April 6, 2023

All professionals aim to establish career growth and strive for professional success. However, power skills play a critical role in leadership roles. Employability skills can help leaders inspire their team members, build strong relationships, communicate the company’s vision and goals, and manage and resolve conflicts to create a positive work environment and achieve business growth.

Here’s the Ultimate Guide To Develop Power Skills For Leadership:

  1. Identify The Power Skills You Need To Improve: Start by identifying the power skills that are most important for the leadership role and the areas in which the leader needs to improve. This skill gap could be anything like public speaking or managing conflicts. So your leader’s training could focus on people skills and conflict-resolution skills! To get started with power skill gap assessment for your teams, AntWalk can help you with a hassle-free process.
  1. Conduct Needs Analysis: Once you have identified the area of improvement for your leaders, conduct a needs analysis to learn what they will require to work on their improvement objectives. For instance, if a leader lacks communication skills or conflict-resolution skills, the training module will be centered around activities that improve these skills. Another needs assessment to figure out if the training was successful can indicate the improvement made by the leader.
  1. Enhance Leadership Skills With Active Listening: Empathy makes a great leader. It allows leaders to create an easygoing rapport with their team members. Provide your leaders with practice sessions wherein they put themselves in their team members’ shoes, listen actively, and be aware of nonverbal cues. 
  1. Practice Conflict Resolution: Conflict resolution and decision-making lie at the core of leadership skills. Therefore, help train your leaders actively listen to their team members’ queries, understand their perspectives, and find a solution everyone can accept. 
  1. Build Workplace Rapport: Communication and teamwork are the few core values sought after in leadership roles. Training your leaders and managers to invest time and effort in building relationships with fellow team members and colleagues, alongside helping them strategize their career growth, can go a long way. Creating an environment of trust, respect, and collaboration with the leadership leads to business success.
  1. Reflect On Progress: It takes personal effort to self-introspect. Help your leaders regularly reflect on their progress toward their goals. It will help them with team management, strategic thinking, and adaptability in the changing market. Enable a continuous feedback model for your teams. 


The key to professional success is no secret. Organizations that help their teams hone their people skills would help establish business relations and effective communication. Train your leaders to think creatively to identify and solve problems contributing to leadership excellence

To learn more about Power Skills training, visit AntWalk’s Power Skills Academy. The Academy offers a holistic training solution giving you a step-by-step guide to developing the soft skills for leadership excellence, employability skills for professional success, and more in your leaders and employees. Check out AntWalk Power Skills Academy to learn more.

Sharbani Garg

I am a spectator of Literature, art, and music. I love researching and writing about anything I am intrigued by. Finding stability and novelty as I go with the flow!

Sharbani Garg
Sharbani Garg

I am a spectator of Literature, art, and music. I love researching and writing about anything I am intrigued by. Finding stability and novelty as I go with the flow!

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