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Unveiling Impactful Learning and Organizational Advancements for employee development 

Unveiling Impactful Learning and Organizational Advancements for employee development 

Revolutionizing Employee training & Development and Business Growth at Mahindra Housing Finance

Unveiling Impactful Learning and Organizational Advancements for employee development 

The Business Objective
The primary objective of the company was to provide a comprehensive overview of the housing finance industry and acquaint new employees with the company’s values and ethics, their roles and responsibilities within it. The following were the main objectives:
  • Lay the foundation for understanding the housing finance industry, its intricacies, and the company’s position within it
  • Orient new employees with company products, market dynamics, and relationship building with impactful pitching & negotiation skills for sales success
  • Provide clarity on common terminologies and real-time calculations like profiling and territory management used in housing finance
  • Deliver training on effective objection handling, compliance and customer query resolution
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

4+ sessions conducted by industry experts at 11 locations across India 


10+ Competency-oriented curriculum


Empowered employees with industry-techniques in housing, finance & sales


Enhanced retention through real-world case studies, group discussions, & role-play activities

AntWalk seamlessly facilitated the client in establishing robust systems within the existing organizational leadership, paving the way for strategic change management and comprehensive employee development. This was achieved by leveraging insights from industry experts and implementing a tailored curriculum for the training program:

  • Strategically enhanced employees’ skills in processes like loan process, disbursal process and crafted change management plans
  • Elevated employees’ learning edge for proactive organizational readiness with skills that makes it stand out
  • Encouraged employees to cultivate a visionary outlook, with focus on understanding buyer personas, identifying factors affecting customer’s financial needs, promoting personal growth
  • Steered enhanced organizational efficiency in the digital transformation era with an aim to driving customer towards Finnable personal loans & services
Live class

400+ employees attended the program across multiple locations pan India


Learners praised and recommended the session content


A staggering attendance of over 80% was recorded  

The transformative impact of AntWalk’s expertise in instilling essential skills and modules for employee development in the realm of housing finance was significant:
Impact a
New employees now have a profound understanding of customer segments, acquisition & customer risk assessment techniques
Impact b
They now have a solid grasp of the housing finance market, company roles, and adept negotiation skills
Impact c
Increased awareness of the importance of compliance and regulatory requirements in the housing finance industry
Impact d
Recognition of the crucial role of customer service and relationship management in the sales with deeper understanding of customer challenges
The trainer delivered the content exceptionally well, showcasing profound knowledge of the product and skillfully shared practical scenarios with the participants
– P. Krishna Kumar, Regional HR Manager
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