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Transformative Financial Learning at HIL with AntWalk’s Finance for Non-Finance Professionals Program

Transformative Financial Learning at HIL with AntWalk’s Finance for Non-Finance Professionals Program

Empowering HIL’s manufacturing professionals with financial proficiency through AntWalk’s 6-months long Finance for non-finance professionals' program

Transformative Financial Learning at HIL with AntWalk’s Finance for Non-Finance Professionals Program

The Business Objective
The client’s objective was to empower their workforce with advanced financial knowledge to drive informed decision-making and bolster organizational success. The key areas of focus included:  
  • To provide advanced financial knowledge to non-finance professionals in the manufacturing sector, enhancing their understanding of financial concepts and practices.
  • To equip participants with the skills to comprehend and analyze financial statements, enabling them to make informed and strategic decisions within their roles.
  • To offer a comprehensive understanding of how working capital management and costing elements interact, aiming to improve operational efficiency, profitability, and solvency.
  • To teach practical techniques related to credit practices and their implications on sales, focusing on strategies that enhance sales performance and the organization’s overall financial health.
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

48+ live cohort sessions covered with special focus on Costing, Working Capital Management, etc. 


8+ competency led sessions like Financial Statement Analysis, Budgeting and MIS, etc. 


3+ experts with rich leadership background in manufacturing, sales & corporate training. 


Session focused on in-class activities, quizzes, breakout rooms discussions, etc. 

The significant influence of expertise in implementing vital skills and modules for fundamentals of finance employee training and development, particularly in enhancing leadership proficiency, was clearly demonstrated: 

  • AntWalk facilitated 48 live cohort classes (80+ hrs), offering a comprehensive learning experience for non-finance professionals in the manufacturing sector
  • Through in-class activities and quizzes, AntWalk ensur ed active engagement and knowledge retention, enhancing participants’ understanding of financial statements and strategic decision-making
  • AntWalk promoted interactive collaboration with breakout rooms and group discussions, fostering the exchange of insights and practical application of financial concepts in real-world scenarios
  • AntWalk’s tailored learning, validated by industry experts, ensured relevance and customization, enhancing the program’s effectiveness in empowering participants with advanced financial knowledge
Competency Framework Spider chart for HIL
Live class

of the learners would recommend the program


attendance and unmatched engagement


learners loved the expert

Through AntWalk’s tailored Finance for Non-finance Professionals program, HIL’s workforce experienced a transformative journey, gaining proficiency in:
Impact a
AntWalk’s training enhanced finance proficiency among HIL’s workforce, enabling learners to interpret financial data more effectively through concepts like accounting terms and financial statement analysis.
Impact b
By providing a comprehensive emphasis on working capital management and cost concepts, AntWalk enabled learners to understand the interconnectedness of these elements and make informed financial decisions.
Impact c
Learners gained insights into Budgeting, MIS, and ERP systems, empowering them to optimize these tools for improved operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making within HIL’s operations.
Impact d
AntWalk’s detailed GST module enhanced learners’ understanding of GST compliance and its impact on the company’s tax liability, fostering better collaboration between departments and ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements within HIL.
ARCH Score after Antwalk's Session displayed in a Bar Graph format
Very good and useful training for both self and organizational benefits. It will greatly enhance effectiveness in the workplace.
~ Ram Yash Pal
Working capital balancing act explained very well. Easily understandable.
~ Ravi Kuma
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