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How Cholamandalam empowered its finance leaders through leadership development program

How Cholamandalam empowered its finance leaders through leadership development program

Cultivating visionary leaders with intensive 12-Week AntWalk’s Finance Leadership Development Program

How Cholamandalam empowered its finance leaders through leadership development program

The Business Objective
The client’s primary objective was to boost the leadership skills of their managers by offering training in two critical areas: Establishing a Leadership Foundation and instigating Leadership Mindset transformations
  • Foster a transition to a leader mindset
  • Instill a profound sense of ownership and accountability at both personal and team levels, contributing to organizational change
  • Equip leaders to proficiently drive outcomes and seamlessly delegate tasks to their teammates, resulting in effective leadership
  • Attain mastery in problem-solving, data-driven decision-making, and impactful stakeholder interactions to drive team excellence & attain transformational leadership
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

 6+ group coaching
 sessions followed by individual development plan


Handpicked experts from leading brands


3+ competency-oriented curriculum


2+ application-oriented programmes

AntWalk’s instrumental role in the triumph of Cholamandalam’s Leadership Managerial Excellence Program for finance leaders is evident through its multifaceted contributions like:

  • Meticulously designed a holistic program, identifying crucial problem statements in leadership roles, and addressing them in the six strategic group coaching sessions via executive leadership coach
  • Crafting personalized programmes, AntWalk ensured each participant’s leadership journey was relevant, aligned with strategic objectives, and uniquely tailored
  • Engaging class-based activities & thought-provoking games facilitated a smooth shift from a conventional doer to an innovative visionary leader
  • AntWalk excelled in providing personalized individual development plan, empowering participants to pinpoint areas for improvement & take proactive steps for growth
  • AntWalk’s guidance ensured participants’ growth trajectories were not only personal but also in sync with the organizational transformation as well
Mr. Vasu was very interactive 7 thought provocative. He has great experience, and we should try to imbibe the same in daily life to implement the learnings
– Hardik D Pandya
Finance leaders experienced profound transformations through the Finance Leadership Program, driven by Antwalk’s contributions, leading to:
Impact a
Participants emerged with potent leadership mindsets, primed for driving positive organizational change and development
Impact b
Showcased prowess in data driven decision making, problem-solving skills, and communication skills, positively influencing their teams’ performance
Impact c
The program’s impact resonated organization-wide, boosting leadership effectiveness and catalyzing an innovation and collaboration culture
Impact d
The group coaching sessions empowered leaders to apply newfound knowledge, resulting in sharpened time management & delegation skills within the finance team
The best thing to learn is to learn by ourselves as we identify the problems we are going through and get the solution. I am very grateful to the team
– Rajesh Kannan
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