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Fostering a culture of Leadership at Star Cements with PA-CE Program

Fostering a culture of Leadership at Star Cements with PA-CE Program

Empowering growth and innovation through AntWalk’s Leadership Development Program

Fostering a culture of Leadership at Star Cements with PA-CE Program

The Business Objective
The client’s objective was to instill effective leadership practices, focusing on enhancing leadership capabilities and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. The key areas of focus included:  
  • Offering a comprehensive 8-month developmental journey aimed at unleashing leaders’ latent potential
  • Delivering tailored group coaching sessions to guide leaders in crafting personalized Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
  • Providing a holistic approach to leadership development utilizing assessments such as the 360-degree survey & action learning projects
  • Facilitating targeted group coaching sessions to assist leaders, aimed at augmenting leadership effectiveness
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

24+ leadership sessions covered with special focus on action learning projects 


10+ competency led sessions like adaptability, decision making, etc


4+ experts with rich leadership background from EY, Mckinsey, etc 


Session projects focused on IDP Coaching, Action Learning Projection business acumen, Entrepreneurship 

The significant influence of expertise in implementing vital skills and modules for employee training and development, particularly in enhancing leadership proficiency, was clearly demonstrated

  • Equipped high-potential leaders with crucial skills and competencies such as result focus, integrity & values, collaboration, innovative mindset, and adaptability, ensuring they excel in their roles
  • Through identifying and addressing areas for improvement, AntWalk empowered the leaders to unlock their full potential, and promoting personal growth, which increased their effectiveness and success
  • Enabled the leaders to make a positive impact on their teams by improving their performance and productivity, driving results in alignment with organizational goals
  • Facilitated connections and collaboration among the high-potential leaders, fostering a strong and supportive leadership network that enhanced knowledge sharing and collective growth
Live class

of the learners would recommend the program


attendance and unmatched engagement


learners loved the expert

The training’s exceptional attendance rate of 100%, robust engagement, and strong learner endorsement underscored its effectiveness in empowering People advancement curating excellence (PA-CE) to attain impressive business results via the leadership program:
Impact a
Implementation of session learnings: Leaders demonstrated clear application of new knowledge and skills from training sessions, integrating them effectively into daily work practices
Impact b
Taking ownership of work: Leaders displayed a proactive approach towards tasks, assuming leadership roles, and taking accountability for project outcomes
Impact c
Improved work efficiency: Leaders exhibited enhanced productivity and effectiveness in task execution, optimizing processes, and delivering timely results
Impact d
Enhanced communication and authenticity: Leaders improved their communication skills, fostering open dialogue within the team, and exhibited authenticity in interactions and decision-making
Never wanted these types of sessions to come to an end. The entire program was just superb, and style of coaching was very effective. This type of sessions should be organized at least once a year
– Abhishek Dutta
It was a session to come out the point where we got stuck sometimes in our day-to-day work and got answer how come we could overcome those issues or conflicts
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