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Enhancing Account Management Strategies at Thyrocare Technologies

Enhancing Account Management Strategies at Thyrocare Technologies

Empowering account managers at Thyrocare with advanced sales and account management skills through AntWalk’s Account Management Program

Enhancing Account Management Strategies at Thyrocare Technologies

The Business Objective
Thyrocare Technologies Limited sought to enhance the effectiveness of their account managers by with hands on Account management training, addressing the following key objectives:
  • Equip account managers with advanced strategies providing advanced tactics for managing key accounts effectively like understanding & developing client needs analysis, fostering long-term relationships with clients, and identifying account growth strategies
  • Enhance Sales Skills Hands-on training on persuasive communication skills for sales teams training, sales negotiation techniques, & impactful pitching to effectively communicate the value proposition of Thyrocare’s offerings and secure new business opportunities
  • Empowering account managers with data analysis tools for account managers to make informed decisions, interpret key metrics, and derive actionable insights to optimize account strategies and drive performance
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

Conducted pre- and post-session assessments to gauge insights into learners’ capabilities 


3+ competency led sessions like advanced sales skills, data-analytics, account success planning etc


Top healthcare expert with rich background in corporate training


Pre assessment/post Structured sessions focused on real-time applications & data-backed learning methods

AntWalk designed a structured learning experience tailored to the needs of Thyrocare’s account managers. The program comprised several focused sessions aimed at different aspects of account management success: 

  • Strategic Account Management: Initial sessions introduced a comprehensive account success framework training, providing a standardized framework to streamline account management processes
  • Effective Pitching Methods: Specialized training sessions on pitching methods, including roleplays for objection handling and negotiations, simulating real-world scenarios to refine skills
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Training on utilizing Excel for data analysis in account management, teaching essential functions and techniques for generating insights and identifying opportunities for account growth
Live class

of the learners would recommend the program.


of learners praise content coverage.


attendance and unmatched engagement

The program led to significant improvements in the performance of Thyrocare’s account managers:
Impact a
Enhanced Data Analysis Skills: Learners gained proficiency in data analysis and data-backed decision-making techniques
Impact b
Real-World Application: Practiced data analysis with real-world problems to solidify understanding
Impact c
Improved Pitching and Sales Acumen: Sessions on impactful pitching methods for sales success helped overcome hesitation in client interactions
Impact d
Differentiated Account Management: Learners grasped the nuances of managing key accounts versus long-tail accounts
All the covered points are essential for a salesperson and a Key Account Manager. We learnt many things which are going to apply in our job role henceforth
– Vinay Taral, Key Account Manager, Thyrocare
The entire journey with AntWalk was very nice. Everything was systematic – coordination, competency mapping, training assessment. Everything was conducted smoothly and nicely
– Apoorva Nalawade, Trainer, Thyrocare Technologies Limited
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