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Empowering FTMs with enhanced problem-solving & communication skills

Empowering FTMs with enhanced problem-solving & communication skills

How does AntWalk fuel brilliance within an FMCG giant, cultivating visionary leaders devoted to excellence

Empowering FTMs with enhanced problem-solving & communication skills

The Business Objective
The primary business goal of the client is to nurture and develop visionary leaders who can drive innovation, strategic thinking, and operational excellence within the company, thereby advancing its growth and sustainable success. Their secondary objectives were to:
  • Ignite the leaders’ path to readiness for the future by empowering them with the team leader skills that set them apart like problem-solving, communication skills, etc
  • Cultivate a leadership mindset that thrives through adept self and team management, fostering dynamic growth with AntWalk’s leadership Development Plans
  • Unleash the art of mastering leadership and management skills, crafting a foundation of trustworthiness and unassailable credibility as a leader
  • Journey into the realms of leadership excellence, where leaders not only excel but lead with an unwavering commitment to success
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

An entire day workshop aimed at empowering leaders to embrace future challenges through leadership refinement


4+ Competencies covered like communication, problem-solving, etc 


Spearheaded by Debarati Roy – (Visiting Faculty at NIFT Mumbai/Ex-Associate Director of Sales) 


Personalised powerful tactical action plan for decision-making to drive impactful results. 

Our client partnered with AntWalk’s Leadership Academy to design and deliver customized training programs with top-notch experts, ensuring personalized guidance to all participants. AntWalk offered significant assistance in the following ways: 

  • Empowered client’s managers with crucial leadership skills – communication, reliability, credibility, values, and problem-management techniques
  • Expert Guidance and hands-on support from seasoned experts for invaluable insights, ensuring program participants excel and reach their goals
  • Fostered a dynamic community for managers to exchange ideas, learn, and network with peers and mentors
  • Assisted client in crafting tailored leadership development plans, fostering a visionary outlook, and propelling both individuals and the organization towards streamlining organizational objectives
Live class

of learners demonstrated engagement and satisfaction 


of learners’ praise content coverage and finds the content knowledgeable and relevant 


of learners actively participated during the session. 

The program left an indelible mark, as managers achieved remarkable business results through this transformative leadership development initiative:
Impact a
Managers uncovered valuable insights into the five core values that underpin successful leadership & transform them into a visionary leader.
Impact b
Participants gained the knowledge leadership qualities to nurture essential core values, making them more efficient and future ready as leaders.
Impact c
Participants are equipped with the tools to handle and innovatively resolve workplace challenges, promoting their growth as effective leaders.
Impact d
Both managers and participants integrate ethical principles and credibility into their actions, embodying these qualities as they lead in their respective roles.
Incredible session! More games for added fun, please!
– Rohan Dutta, Managerial Excellence Program
Engaging and fun – let’s include more physical activities for team building!
– Anirban Bhattacharyya, Managerial Excellence Program
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