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Adani’s journey towards Leadership Training Excellence through Strategic Orientation

Adani’s journey towards Leadership Training Excellence through Strategic Orientation

How AntWalk's expertise empowers Adani’s future ready leaders with visionary outlook and business acumen

Adani’s journey towards Leadership Training Excellence through Strategic Orientation

The Business Objective
Adani’s primary aim was to enhance the capabilities of its managers, making them future-ready leaders who could drive progress and innovation within the organization. Their main objectives were to:
  • Enhance managers’ leadership skills, empowering them with the knowledge and tools required to excel in their roles in leadership & management
  • Prepare leaders to adapt to evolving industry landscapes and challenges via corporate training program
  • Instil a visionary outlook among managers, encouraging them to think strategically and envision the organization’s long-term goals as a part of first-time management skills
  • Develop strong business acumen to make informed decisions that contribute to the company’s growth and success
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

4+ Sessions across 2 Batches focusing on Visionary Outlook & Business Acumen


Handpicked experts from leading brands


2+ Competency-oriented curriculum


Practical case studies, immersive simulation games, role-playing scenarios, & comprehensive action plans

Adani Enterprises sought AntWalk’s specialized expertise in tailoring and delivering personalized training programs with industry-leading experts, guaranteeing individualized attention to all learners. AntWalk offered significant assistance in the following ways:

  • Practical experience through case studies and scenario-based role-plays, equipping participants with real-world problem-solving skills
  • Empowerment of participants with a focus on strategic & sustainable thinking, cultivating growth mindset, ultimately driving business acumen and contributing to Adani’s goal achievement
  • Hands-on guidance and support from seasoned experts who have encountered similar challenges, resulting in developing leadership skills for both participants and the organization
  • Supported Adani in developing personalized leadership development action plans for each participant, ensuring that the learning was directly applicable to their roles and responsibilities, thus promoting a visionary outlook
Interesting & valuable content and discussion amongst participants and the host team. Wonderful session.
– Nitin Jaiswal, Learner, Strategic Orientation Program
The impact of the Strategic Orientation Program was substantial, with managers attaining remarkable business outcome via this leadership development program:
Impact a
Managers demonstrated heightened strategic thinking capabilities, resulting in improved problem-solving & leadership management across the organization
Impact b
Participants displayed continuous improvement in resilience and adaptability within the company, showcasing a visionary outlook for future challenges
Impact c
Managers evolved in their current roles by showcasing the essential leadership skills considered as good manager qualities
Impact d
Leaders adopted team leader skills like strategic thinking, making sustainable decisions and demonstrating strong business acumen
Program is excellent for self-learning purpose. Thinking bigger picture and problem-solving exercise is excellent.
– Mukesh Kumar, Learner, Strategic Orientation Program
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