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Empowering Resilient First-Time Leaders in Sales with AntWalk 

Empowering Resilient First-Time Leaders in Sales with AntWalk 

With AntWalk ASPIRE, a leading digital healthcare company achieved high ROI with a 3-month Sales Team Leadership Program.

Empowering Resilient First-Time Leaders in Sales with AntWalk 
The Business Objective
Empower first-time managers to thrive by addressing the following challenges:
  • Lack of essential sales leadership and leadership skills in team management, delegation, mentoring, and performance management, despite their technical expertise
  • Challenges faced by first-time management during the peak Covid era in team well-being, sustainable business growth, and maintaining engagement, motivation, and adaptability
  • Effective structured leadership coaching to address confusion, resignations, and decreased morale caused by inexperienced team leaders, and to inspire individuals, build competent teams, and develop future leaders
  • Conducting leadership skill gap assessments to identify areas such as cognitive thinking, strategic planning, decision-making, change management, mentoring, communication, and emotional intelligence, to bridge the leadership skill gap
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

20+ Live Cohort Classes 


Contextualised Curriculum With Hands-On Experience On 2 Projects


7+ Handpicked CXO Level Experts with Sales Background


Pre- And Post-Class Performance Metrics for Each Learner to Measure Progress

The client partnered with AntWalk to create a custom “Aspire” leadership development program for its First-Time Managers and Team Leaders, addressing the following challenges:

  • Enhancing problem-solving and decision-making skills through critical thinking, data leverage, and Excel proficiency
  • Mentoring and fostering a culture of trust by promoting feedback and transparent communication
  • Achieving excellence in people and performance management through collaboration, accountability, delegation, and follow-up in leadership and management training
  • Identifying leadership skill gaps and serving as a role model by adapting styles and improving communication
  • Strengthening professional skills for leaders in sales training and leadership training programs through customer relationship building, enhancing emotional intelligence, and work-life integration
Excellent session! The expert gave better insights on Stress, Anxiety & Depression & how to deal with them. This will for sure help me in my personal & professional life. Thanks, Sakshi for this wonderful session.
– Learner, Team Leadership Program
The program significantly impacted the team, leading to:
Impact a
Development of confident team leaders through assignments presented to senior leadership
Impact b
Implementation of monthly Tactical Implementation and Tactical Delegation Plans to track KPIs and drive performance
Impact c
Provision of customized 1:1 coaching from CXO-level experts, fostering personal and professional growth
Impact d
Addressing complexities in a hybrid environment during peak Covid, resulting in the development of a motivated and well-guided team
The training is practical and informative. Very Intense, very useful for team building exercises.
– Learner, Team Leadership Program
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