Driving Digital Transformation

Driving Digital Transformation

How a leading pharma company Transformed Business Translators with a 12-Week long AntWalk Program

Driving Digital Transformation
The Business Objective

A leading pharma giant partnered with AntWalk to empower its 12 business translators (who bridge the gap between business teams and digital functions) to leverage digital transformation as a strategic tool to achieve operational efficiencies and compliance readiness. The program is divided into 3 phases – digital transformation, project management, and business case and leadership. This case study focuses on the first 2 phases, with the ultimate goal of enabling the learners to drive successful digital projects. The third phase of leadership is on the horizon, promising even more exciting insights.

How AntWalk Helped

AntWalk collaborated with a client for a 3-month journey, where 12 business translators were trained to drive digital transformation. Conducted by industry experts with 20+ years of experience, the program included in-person sessions. Antwalk kickstarted the program with a digital mindset workshop to build the audience’s digital muscle. Following this, Antwalk delivered three additional sessions on project management to equip the learners with the know-how of digital projects. Future sessions on leadership and business cases will develop leadership capabilities, enabling learners to lead digital transformation efforts and inspire their teams. 


After the initial session on digital muscle, participants generated 9 digital solutions, with 3 being considered for implementation. The relevant case studies, practical application, and rich dialogues helped participants understand digital transformation in the pharma industry and enabled them to ideate and produce digital solutions that could potentially increase process efficiency and compliance within their company. Moreover, our handpicked experts received a perfect 100% rating for delivering valuable training, and AntWalk achieved a 94% NPS, demonstrating successful achievement of business objectives.

The program for Business Translators encompassed 3 critical competencies
Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry, an outside-in perspective
Project management overview, waterfall model, and agile methodology
Scrum overview
The expert provided very appropriate and engaging content within a short time frame. They had good expertise in Agile methodology and also covered waterfall execution, M and C. The session was a great introduction to Agile and highly recommended.
– Vice President & Digital Transformation Leader
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

7 sessions, covering digital muscle and project management


Contextualized curriculum around 3 competencies aligned with their business objectives


Handpicked Experts From Abbott, Microsoft, EY, KPMG, McKinsey & Co., Korn Ferry


Align digital solutions with business objectives, turn digital solutions into reality, create project charters for digital projects, risk management, stakeholders evaluation matrix, sprint retrospectives, choose the right project management method, and more

The client chose AntWalk for its specialty to design a customized learning program, deliver it by leading industry experts, and provide personalized attention to the learners. The sessions were designed to empower Business Translators to: 

  • Foster a culture of innovation and digital transformation to create an impact on relevant business metrics.
  • Understand their role in driving projects. 
  • Implement effective project management strategies and techniques to ensure project success.
  • Identify and mitigate risks associated with traditional and modern project management approaches.
  • Develop an agile mindset and apply the principles to enhance project performance and team collaboration.
  • Determine the appropriate project management methodologies depending on the nature of the project, whether it is internally or externally driven techniques. 

To boost engagement, the client employed a range of activities that included hands-on experience with real-life use cases, rich dialogues, project charter and risk logs using templates, and a product evaluation matrix. Learners also got to calculate the number of sprints given their velocity of X and develop a minimal viable product.

Leading pharma company in partnership with AntWalk for training
The session was excellent and engaging, with the instructor delivering the content exceptionally well, and providing great examples. The entire cohort was fully engaged throughout the session.
– Head, PMO
  • The training empowered learners to consider implementing 3 out of 9 solutions within the organization, enhancing their ability to generate digital solutions that can potentially improve process efficiency and compliance
  • Learners understood their roles in project management, how to manage projects, and select the appropriate project management technique (for internal or external projects). 
  1. Our handpicked experts received a perfect 100% rating for delivering valuable training, and the company achieved a 94% NPS, demonstrating successful achievement of business objectives. 
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