Building Customer-Obsessed Leaders

Building Customer-Obsessed Leaders

How Cloudnine Empowered Its Leaders with a 10-Week Cloudnine Leadership Operations Program

Building Customer-Obsessed Leaders
The Business Objective

Cloudnine provides outstanding care during pregnancy, delivery, neonatal and pediatric care. As a rapidly growing company, they partnered with AntWalk, as their end-to-end Learning Partner, for “Aspire” program to address five key areas, including shifting to a proactive mindset, improving team coordination, enhancing operational efficiencies, leveraging data insights, and managing conflicts and stakeholders.

How AntWalk Helped

Cloudnine and AntWalk partnered for the Operations Leadership Program, aimed at fostering a customer-centric culture and proactive mindset among its leaders. Our meticulously chosen experts delivered immersive training on problem-solving, effective team management, and process mapping, empowering learners to establish efficient customer-facing processes and elevate consumer experiences.


The 10-week program by AntWalk aimed to enhance the Operations Management team’s customer-centric skills. The competency-based customized program enabled the leaders to identify projects to improve expected due date conversion, enhance customer delight across the customer journey, and reduce wait times at different touchpoints.

Our Operations Leadership Program covers 4 core competencies
Shape customer experience as a leader
Effective team management to improve performance
Plan operational improvements using Value Stream Mapping
Data-driven decision-making to identify problem statements and devise action plans
Very nice sessions that will help us improve our data sheet and use the insights for decision-making as well
– Deepa M, Cloudnine Learner, Leadership Operations Program
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

35 Hours Of Live
Cohort Classes


Contextualised Curriculum Around 4 Competencies


8+ Handpicked Experts From Apollo Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts, Manipal University


Unit Based
Projects Based On
Class Learnings

As a healthcare company, Cloudnine chose AntWalk for its speciality to design a customized learning program, deliver it by leading industry experts, and provide personalized attention to the learners.

  • Excel across customer journeys
  • Communicate effectively in customer-centric settings
  • Manage efficient feedback mechanisms to improve ratings
  • Manage difficult conversations and team conflicts as leaders
  • Streamline process through Value Stream Mapping across Customer Journey
  • Analyze customer complaints using excel to gain insights
  • Build data-driven action plans to optimize operations

To boost engagement, Cloudnine used a range of activities, including hands-on activities, gamified simulations, case studies, assessments, quizzes, real-world projects, and town hall ceremonies. The pre-and post-class performance of each learner was measured and analyzed for continuous improvement and business impact.

Cloudnine leadership program training in partnership with AntWalk
It was a wonderful session with lots of inputs which will help in real-world projects as well
– Astha Raj, Cloudnine Learner, Leadership Operations Program
  • The program helped the management enhance the suite and IVF experience of patients, resulting in improved ratings and sales predictability. Leaders demonstrated significant improvements in EDD conversions and revenue growth.
  • The handpicked experts received a rating of 90% for their knowledge and for helping leaders to improve the NPS and boost revenue.
  • Learners showed an increased ability to create brand realization for delightful customer journeys and experiences. We’re proud to say that 84% of learners reported high levels of engagement and satisfaction with the program.
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Key leaders that are the driving force behind the execution, inception and delivery of the Operations Leadership Program across the organization
Chitra Puranik Kuve
Chitra Puranik Kuve

Head of Learning and Development, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals

Nitin Nag
Nitin Nag

Chief Operations Officer, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals