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Building Customer-Obsessed Leaders

Building Customer-Obsessed Leaders

How Cloudnine Empowered Its Leaders with a 10-Week Cloudnine Leadership Operations Program

Building Customer-Obsessed Leaders
The Business Objective
The client’s primary objective was to enhance their comprehensive care services by collaborating with AntWalk for the “Aspire” program, focused on 5 key areas- on fostering a proactive approach, refining teamwork, optimizing operations, harnessing data-driven insights, and adeptly handling conflicts and stakeholders. Their main objectives were:
  • Develop a culture where anticipating & addressing needs pre-emptively becomes intrinsic to all aspects of care provision
  • Strengthen collaboration among teams to streamline communication ensuring a seamless experience for patients across all stages of care
  • Implement strategies to streamline processes and resource allocation, leading to smoother patient journeys and resource optimization
  • Leverage data-driven insights to enhance decision-making, improving the quality and effectiveness of care at every level
  • Equip teams with conflict resolution skills and effective stakeholder management techniques to maintain harmonious relationships ensuring patient-centric care
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

35 hours of live Cohort classes


Contextualised curriculum around 4 competencies


8+ Handpicked experts from leading brands


Unit-based Projects based on Class learnings

Cloudnine & AntWalk collaborated on the Operations Leadership Program, focusing on nurturing a customer-centric culture and proactive mindset in leaders. AntWalk helped in various ways targeting specific needs:

  • Expertly selected trainers provided immersive sessions covering problem-solving, efficient team management, and process mapping, enabling learners to create streamlined customer-facing processes
  • The program empowered participants to establish effective customer-centric procedures & enhance consumer experiences through practical training
  • Through the partnership, Cloudnine and AntWalk aimed to equip leaders with the skills to improve team dynamics and optimize operational efficiency
Very nice sessions that will help us improve our data sheet and use the insights for decision-making as well
– Deepa M, Cloudnine Learner, Leadership Operations Program
AntWalk’s 10-week program yielded significant results, with learners attaining noteworthy outcomes:
Impact a
Competency-based custom program enabled leaders to identify projects for expected due date conversion improvement
Impact b
Leaders also aimed to enhance customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey
Impact c
The program led to enhanced patient experiences in the suite and IVF, resulting in improved ratings, sales predictability, notable EDD conversion improvements, and revenue growth demonstrated by the leaders
Impact d
The initiative aimed to empower leaders with skills to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience
It was a wonderful session with lots of inputs which will help in real-world projects as well
– Astha Raj, Cloudnine Learner, Leadership Operations Program
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