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ofbusiness partnered with AntWalk for sales training
Building a Strong Foundation for Sales Excellence

Building a Strong Foundation for Sales Excellence

OfBusiness raises the bar and transforms sales contributors to leaders with AntWalk Sales LEAD Program

Building a Strong Foundation for Sales Excellence
The Business Objective

Ofbusiness grew remarkably in recent years, and knew they needed to evolve further. To take their success to the next level, they recognized the importance of transitioning their sales leaders from individual contributors to managers. To achieve this, they partnered with AntWalk, as their end-to-end Learning Partner, to focus on five key areas: problem-solving, decision-making, coaching, leadership, and professional skills.

How AntWalk Helped

Ofbusiness empowered its sales leaders with a growth mindset to become effective mentors for their teams. The customized Sales Leadership Development Program with AntWalk included contextualized curriculum, hands-on assignments, and detailed role-plays. Moreover, the 1:1 interactive coaching sessions and handpicked industry experts evaluated each individual’s unique needs for greater success.


The impact of the program was phenomenal as it not only helped the leaders improve their leadership skills, but also helped them make significant gains in cognitive thinking, stress management, and resilience. The program was tailor-made by AntWalk to fit the unique learning journeys of each individual and enabled them to become more agile and positively driven towards achieving organizational goals.

Master the art of sales leadership with the Sales LEAD Program’s core competencies
Problem-Solving and Decision Making
Coaching and Mentoring
People and Performance
Leadership Skills
Professional Skills for Leaders
An excellent session with a wide range of topics, practical examples and helpful activities which I can directly apply to work.
– Barot Bhadresh Dilipbhai, OfBusiness, Sales LEAD Program
How AntWalk Helped
Live class

9+ Live Cohort Classes &
16+ Self Learning Modules


Curriculum Across 5 Competencies


10+ Handpicked Industry Experts From McKinsey, American Express, Motilal Oswal, BetterUP


Application-Oriented Programs Through 10+ Hands-On Activities

OfBusiness chose AntWalk for its speciality to design a personalized learning program, deliver it by leading industry experts, and provide personalized attention to the learners. The live virtual sessions were designed to empower leaders to:

  • Understand the responsibilities and role
  • Find a leader within themselves and embrace their leadership style
  • Manage teams and drive performance
  • Set long-term goals that are achievable by the team and organization
  • Devise a tactical delegation plan
  • Provide 1:1 coaching and give feedback to team members

The Sales LEAD Program offered a comprehensive learning experience that blended self-paced modules and live classes with a variety of interactive activities such as hands-on assignments, gamification, experiential learning methods, and case studies. Learners were also assessed through quizzes, group projects, and presentations. To ensure maximum engagement, the program included town hall ceremonies and personalized 1:1 sessions with AntWalk, which helped create individual development plans for the sales leaders.

Furthermore, OfBusiness conducted daily performance evaluations of each learner both before and after each class, to continually improve the program and measure the impact of Leadership Development Training.

Cloudnine leadership program training in partnership with AntWalk
  • The learners demonstrated 88% engagement and satisfaction levels.
  • The experts received a rating of 90% for their knowledge and for helping learners to effectively develop team management skills, handle difficult conversations, and resolve conflicts. 
  • The 1:1 performance coaching enabled the leaders to actively think, be proactive and align around long-term organizational business goals.
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Two key leaders that are the driving force behind the execution, inception and delivery of the Sales LEAD Program across the organization
Aashika Agarwal
Aashika Agarwal

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