5 Reasons Why Your L&D Program Needs An Outside-In Perspective

By Shivangi Agrawal

June 22, 2022


Learning and Development is an integral part of people’s growth. Businesses across various verticals have felt the need for effective L&D programs to improve retention and nurture leaders of tomorrow. Thus, the fact that American companies increased their training expenditure by almost 10 billion last year should not surprise you. However, despite such heavy investments in L&D, employees forget over 90% of new skills learned during the programs.

You’d be surprised to know that it’s not necessarily the training budget that determines the success of L&D programs. A lack of interaction with experts, who can offer the outside-in perspective of the latest industry trends, also contributes to the failure of L&D programs.

This blog explores the key reasons why having an outside-in perspective from industry experts (who have walked the talk!) is crucial for your L&D programs and what value it can bring to your employees and business.

Offers a Fresh Perspective

Statistics suggest that in 2018, organizations spent an average of 39% on external training service providers to give employees a chance to learn from their outside-in perspective. The wisdom and knowledge shared by global professionals in corporate training sessions can be invaluable. They help you get rid of the traditional ways of learning and embrace newer methods.

This can be especially helpful in ever-evolving industries such as BFSI, Healthcare, Retail & Consumer and IT/ITES. It future-proofs employees’ knowledge since they learn from global experts who are updated with industry trends. and have many years of experience working with a range of businesses.

Enhances Learning Consistency

Outsourcing L&D to professionally qualified and global industry experts allows you to build custom learning paths for your employees and cater to their unique learning needs. These industry experts have the various skill sets, experience, knowledge, and expertise to lead training programs that amplify the overall consistency of learning and help you gain a distinct competitive advantage.

But why do employees need tailored content? Because they have different job roles and are at different milestones in their careers. The training needs of a new employee are vastly different from a manager or an executive. Some have just started their professional journey, some are relatively experienced, while others are leading entire businesses across continents. Bringing in industry experts with a deeper understanding of your unique business needs helps you deliver tailored content to employees and activate their growth.

Improves the Effectiveness of the Training

In 2017, the training expenditure in America, including spending on external training products and services, accounted for a whopping $90.6 billion.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that professional coaches come with specific skills and industry expertise required to help employees upskill. Apart from experience, they also possess the technical know-how required to pass on their experiential insights successfully to your employees.

Further, an outside expert comes with zero preconceptions about your employees or business. This means that they are better placed to discover inefficiencies within your company or opportunities for improvement.

Promotes Business Efficiency

A professional training delivery partner with an outside-in perspective can aid your organization by designing a curated learning program and focusing on your core competencies.

These industry leaders can leverage their experience to help you accomplish your business objectives through custom training programs, thus ensuring that your larger organizational vision is met. 

The other advantage that such an outside-in training perspective brings to the table is the delivery of post-training analytics and quick refreshers, leaving a long-term positive impact on organizational culture, efficiency, retention, and ROIs.

Provides Support Post-Training Completion

Introducing an outside-in perspective through industry experts allows you to address various learning challenges effectively and gives you the benefit of consistent support to address post-training challenges/questions/issues as and when required. This kind of ongoing support helps you build long-term relationships and also ensures a robust, continuous learning experience for your workforce.

Having qualified industry experts to train your employees can help your organization and employees succeed and grow in the long run. Other than serving as your training partner, having top-performing industry leaders for training also enables you to align your key business objectives with the expected business outcomes.

In Conclusion

An increasing number of organizations today are struggling to prove their relevance and ensure that their L&D budget is being used wisely. 

We have listed here some of the top reasons why having a robust outside-in L&D perspective can help you upskill employees and achieve your business goals.

If you are also looking for robust L&D solutions for your organization, AntWalk’s People Growth Platform offers a powerful blended learning approach delivered by global professionals to fulfill your business and L&D needs.

Shivangi Agrawal

Belonging to a Finance and Strategy background, I enjoy writing on a wide variety of subjects. Passionate about startups and their ability to make an impactful difference.

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